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  • Secrets of The Sargasso Sea

    Sargassum is brown macroalgae which provides some of the most essential habitat on this planet. This seaweed supports diverse and productive food webs and shelters endangered species like sea turtles.

    COAST's research provides fundamental information on the quality of Sargassum as habitat for pelagic fish. This research's goal is to reverse harmful trends and build momentum to enhance management of the Sargasso Sea.

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  • What is COAST?

    COAST is the acronym for the Coastal Ocean Association of Science & Technology Inc., a newly formed nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the stewardship of our coastlines, oceans, and estuaries through research, education, and innovative technologies.

    Click on the link below to learn more about our organization's critical conservation programs, planned initiatives, and why our science will make a difference.

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  • Blazing The Nitrogen Trail

    COAST’s Executive Director of Science & Technology Dr. Brian Lapointe has developed a breakthrough technique that measures stable nitrogen isotope ratios in marine organisms.

    COAST is now blazing the "Nitrogen Trail" to track nutrient pollution sources and to assess the health of marine ecosystems such as in the Caloosahatchee River and Florida Bay that have been devastated by harmful algal blooms such as the suffocating "Red Tide" shown here engulfing Sanibel Island.

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  • Charitable Technology Transfer

    COAST forms associations with public and private partners to educate and charitably transfer effective technological approaches to managing energy, solid waste, water, forests, fisheries, and pollution issues for coastal communities.

    Together we help communities and governments establish and monitor technologies that protect their coastal resources, while invigorating the economy. When communities need more data, we help them gather it.

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Mission Statement

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to the stewardship of our oceans, estuaries, and coastlines through the use of research, education, and innovative technologies..

"No water, no life.
No blue, no green."
Sylvia Earle

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